Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Star Bananarama ★

Hi guys. I would like to share with you my very late breakfast, late lunch & advance snack. HA-HA! :p

1 tbsp. Star Margarine sweet blend
2 pcs. Sliced loaf bead
1 pc. Banana (ripe, medium sized)
1 tbsp. Cinnamon powder

These are the ingredients
Place the banana, star sweet blend & Cinnamon powder in a bowl
and mash together.
Make sure all ingredients are mixed well.
Spread mixture onto 1 slice of bread.
& top with the other slice.
Place sandwich in the sandwich maker and cook or toast until done
(I placed mine in the toaster)

& taa-daaaah! here's the finish product.
(I sliced it in half so you can see the inside part)
DELICIOSO isn't it? Happy eating everyone!!!


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