Monday, 4 March 2013

SIBLING TAG! (Visayan) :D

It's a sunny Saturday and me and my sisters were bored. Since we don't want to go out because it's freeeeeezing, we just did the sibling tag instead :)

I've got two sisters: BLANCH & CARMYHLE.

I did two sibling tag video. The part 1 is with Carmyhle and the part 2 is w/ Blanch! ♥

& Ooooooh.. just to remind you, we were speaking 'BISAYA' in that video with a liiiiiiiiiiiittoooll bit of English!!! he-he-he ☺


1. Who is the oldest?
2. Any nicknames?
3. Funniest memories of each other
4. Most memorable argument
5. Most cherished memories
6. Do you have any old photos of the two of you together?
7. The last thing the two of you talked about
8. Are you close?
9. What annoys you the most about each other?
10. Do you hang out and do things together?
11. Are you competitive with each other?
12. Have you ever fancied any of your sibling's friends?
13. One thing you can do that your sibling can't
14. Who is the best looking?
15. Who is the most creative?

Part 1 with Carmyhle

Part 2 with blanch


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