Friday, 1 March 2013

Fresh looking Leopard print nails ♥

It was 14:00 and I was bored *wink* so I thought, why not paint my nails instead? because it has been such a long time since the last time I painted my nails w/ PROPER nail art. ha-ha! :)

I couldn't decide what nail design to do so I started searching on Google but then I remembered that I bought a Nail Art book about 2 months ago..

 Here's the book that I bought @ Amazon for £8.00
Choosing a nail design to paint on my nails :p

I couldn't decide which base colour to use :) he-he These were my picks♥
Starting from my thumb - pinky
1) DANCE by Accessorize
2) LOOK AT ME by Hot Looks
3) LILAC by Revlon
4) DEEP PURPLE by Color Club
5) GREEN by Color Club
So I decided to choose the Green one by Color Club & did a Leopard Print nail art! Taa-dah! ♥

MORE PICS! ♥ he-he-he ☺
Bow ring from Accessorize &
Lips wallet - Lancome 

I love the design & the colour so much (Green is such a fresh colour!)
It looks like a sticker in person ♥ Oooooh .. Got me really excited for Spring!

Love, Mycii :)

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