Monday, 11 February 2013

TAKE 2 :)

I had fun editing my first ever snow video :) So I thought, why not make another one because it seems that the snow doesn't want to stop. Haha. so here's my second piece of artwork?! lol JK :)

WATCH IN 1080p HD for better quality ♥
CAMERA: Nikon D7000 
LENS: Nikkor 18-105mm VR kit lens
**I'm no professional. Just an amateur who wants to get used and practice my camera's manual settings ♥

A snowy January ♥

It was a snowy morning and all I want to do is test my baby out for some cool winter video shots so I asked my youngest sister if she could accompany me anywhere because I really want to take videos.. She said yes. I then told her that we will go out once it will stop snowing. Around 2pm, it stopped snowing so I just threw some warm clothes on and prepared the gadgets I will be using. I was all set up so I then called my sis:
"adto nata!" and ten-ten-tenen.. She was still in bed, lying like a pig while watching TV. She said: ''Kapoy naman.. diko mu uban" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I was so mad all I want to do is choke her. Hahaha!! But seriously!! >< SO I WENT OUTSIDE ON MY OWN. Carrying my DSLR and my TRIPOD while walking in a freakin' thick snow but the view was soooooo LOVELY!! ALL WHITE and so neat looking!

I went to FERRY MEADOWS and took these amazing shots and compiled it in a video :)

WATCH IN 1080p HD for better quality ♥
CAMERA: Nikon D7000 
LENS: Nikkor 18-105mm VR kit lens
**I'm no professional. just an amateur who wants to get used and practise my camera's manual settings ♥

Pope Benedict XVI will resign?

When I woke up this morning around half past 11 I think? I checked my phone, opened my twitter (as usual) and checked the trending topics. The second trending topic in line was POPE BENEDICT XVI.. I got nosy about that and so I opened it and found out that the Pope will resign by the end of this month (February) due to his health condition. It's a sad news knowing he is a really nice pope BUUUT resigning doesn't make him less a Catholic but I just wish, hope and pray that he'll get better soon! I'm quite nosy about the next pope. hehehe (:

Weeeeeeell, While I was reading this news, I had flashbacks when I was in Spain for World Youth Day Madrid when we were in this place (I seriously forgot the name) It was so HOOOOOOOOT as far as I remembered it was 43 degrees Celsius? IT EVEN BROKE MY 1 DAY OLD SUN GLASSES FROM ZARA!!! YES!! 1 DAY OLD! Ugh! Well, ok, back to the topic.. I had 2 flashbacks which I considered 2 of the highlights of my life. It was when Pope Benedict passed by IN FRONT OF ME!!! Yeeey. He was only a meter away from where I was standing (if only I had 1 meter long hand, I could touch his hand)  and that moment I had teary eyes because I felt sooo blessed at that moment.. Like of course not everyone will have a chance like I had you know :) I was really really happy! The second was, he held mass for about 3 MILLION youth from  all around the world & I was one of those 3 MILLION. YES, BABY! YEEEEES!! Hahahahahaha To be honest, I haven't really focused on the mass because I keep on peeking at my binoculars looking for the pope at the altar and the mass was in SPANISH.. SO YEAH! :>

Thanks for reading my first ever post. hahaha Though I'm not very good in English or putting punctuations or paragraphs, and etc. hahaha

Mycii Macabangon ♥